19+ Super Bowl Appetizers

Best Superbowl Appetizers

I don’t know about you, but unless my team is playing, I’m only watching the big game for one of two reasons: the commercials and the Super Bowl appetizers!

collage of super bowl appetizers

Game day food is the BEST food! From nachos and wings to tater tots and dips, these EASY Super Bowl Appetizers will be the hit of the party!

I’ve never understood why there are certain foods that we classify as “game day food.” We can certainly make them any day of the week, any time of the year. Maybe they just taste better when your team is winning? We’ll go with that!

These Super Bowl Appetizers are sure to be the star of your Super Bowl party. Whether you’re looking for nachos, dips or even wings, this list has it all!

Easy Nacho Recipes

Buffalo Chicken Nachos is an easy nachos recipe that is perfect for a quick Tex Mex meal or game day appetizer. Ready in minutes with few ingredients! #buffalochickennachos #buffalochicken #nachosrecipe www.savoryexperiments.com

These Buffalo Chicken Nachos satisfy two football food cravings in one dish: buffalo chicken and nachos! Top with your favorite nachos toppings and serve hot!

Pulled Pork Potato Chip Nachos are an easy appetizer or meal that your whole family will love made with kettle cooked potato chips and zesty pulled pork!

Pulled Pork Potato Chip Nachos take your classic nacho recipe up a notch! Using tender pulled pork on top of kettle cooked potato chips, you might never go back to traditional nachos again!

Italian Nachos are a new twist on an old favorite. Crunchy, spicy, and loaded with toppings, these are about as addictive as they come. #italiannachos #nachos www.savoryexperiments.com

This Italian Nacho recipe is totally unique! It’s topped with lots of veggies like tomatoes, onions and peppers, plus two Italian sausages! They are a total game day win.

BBQ Chicken Nachos are sweet and spicy nachos that will be ready in 7 minutes with only 4 ingredients! Perfect as a snack, appetizer, or side dish! #nachosrecipes #howtomakenachos #BBQChickenNachos www.savoryexperiments.com

Super Bowl appetizers don’t get much better than this! BBQ Chicken Nachos take only minutes to prepare and only require FOUR, yes four, ingredients! What more could you ask for?! Super simple to make and loaded with flavor? Yes please!

Angle shot of supreme nachos

Topped with tons of bell peppers, onions, black beans, tomato, chicken and cheese, these Loaded Chicken Nachos are the ultimate party food, especially when it comes to Super Bowl appetizers!

Chicken Wing Recipes

If you want to add a little spice to your game day snacks, check out these Jalapeno Lime Wings! They have a unique flavor that everyone will love!

Crispy Baked Buffalo Wings are easier to make than you think. Only 5 ingredients, a simple buffalo sauce and the trick for seriously crispy wings! #bakedbuffalowings www.savoryexperiments.com

I love a good crispy chicken wing! And these Crispy Baked Buffalo Wings are one of my favorite game day snacks!

Lemon Garlic Yakitori Wings are marinated in a zesty lemon garlic marinade and grilled to perfection. Serve your grilled wings with classic BBQ side dishes.

These Lemon Garlic Yakitori Wings are marinated in a zesty lemon garlic marinade and grilled to perfection. Such a unique, delicious flavor that everyone will love!

These 3-pepper smoked hickory wings are an easy grilling recipe that whole family will love. Spicy and sweet, they only take a few minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to grill!

These 3-Pepper Smoked Hickory Wings are an easy grilled chicken wing recipe that all of your guests will love. Spicy and sweet, they only take a few minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to grill!

Crispy Baked Buffalo Wings uses a secret ingredient to "bread" wings. Bake to crispy perfection and toss in a garlic buffalo sauce. #bakedbuffalowings #crispychickenwings www.savoryexperiments.com

We love wings in our house, but are always looking for a healthier way to eat them. Baked is key, but getting them nice and crispy can be tough. Check out my easy, super crispy method for Crispy Baked Garlic Buffalo Wings!

close up of a pile of tequila lime wings

These Tequila Lime Wings are smothered in a sticky, irresistible tequila lime sauce. They’re perfect sweet and spicy, and they make a great Super Bowl appetizer!

boneless chicken wings on a white plate

Not a fan of chicken on the bone? These easy Boneless Chicken Bites are a great alternative to traditional wings!

Tater Tot Nachos (Totchos)
Loaded Tater Tot Nachos, also known as Totchos, are the ultimate game day snack. Smothered with cheese, chicken, pico and green chiles, they are sure to make your guests happy!
Crabby Totchos
Crabby Totchos are crispy fried tater tots smothered in hot crab dip and topped with melty cheddar cheese. The perfect party appetizer! #tatertots #easyappetizerrecipes www.savoryexperiments.com
Crabby Totchos are crispy fried tater tots smothered in hot crab dip and topped with melty cheddar cheese. The perfect party appetizer! 

Dip Recipes

Chip dipping into Mexican queso sauce

What’s Super Bowl party without Queso Dip?? If you’ve ever wondered how to make queso dip, you’re in luck. This queso recipe is super easy and only requires five ingredients!

Chip being dipped into French Onion Dip

This French Onion Dip, made with sour cream, onion soup mix, and a few other ingredients, will be the hit of the party. Ready in just a few minutes, you’ll never want to make another party dip again!

Easy party appetizers don't get much easier than this 7 layer dip! It takes chips and dip to a whole new level with refried beans, guacamole and sour cream! #7layerdip #beandip #sevenlayerdip www.savoryexperiments.com

Super Bowl appetizers don’t get much easier than this 7 Layer Dip! This bean dip takes chips and dip to a whole new level with ingredients like refried beans, guacamole and sour cream!

Beer Cheese Dip is an easy, spreadable, zesty pub cheese great for serving with soft pretzels, crackers, carrots, celery sticks or chips! #beercheesedip #beercheesepretzeldip www.savoryexperiments.com

This Beer Cheese Dip is a fun and flavorful dip to serve as an appetizer for the Super Bowl! Sharp cheddar cheese, cream cheese, spices, horseradish, bacon, scallions, and or course beer make up this mouth watering dip!

Buffalo Chicken Dip is a quick and easy appetizer that will work for any party! This an amazing buffalo chicken recipe that will only take 30 minutes to make! #buffalochickendiprecipe #buffalochickenrecipes www.savoryexperiments.com

You can’t talk about Super Bowl appetizers without talking this classic: Buffalo Chicken Dip! It’s a hit with all and it’s totally delicious!

Bacon Ranch Dip
Bacon and ranch collide into one delicious chip dip with this easy Bacon Ranch Dip recipe!
Pimento Cheese Spread
A popular southern dish, this EASY Pimento Cheese recipe is made with only 6 ingredients and tastes great spread onto crackers or in a grilled cheese!

Other Super Bowl Appetizers

Make these easy Loaded Mashed Potato Toppers for your Super Bowl party! Crackers topped with creamy mashed potatoes, shredded cheese, bacon, sour cream and scallions. Everything you love about loaded mashed potatoes in one bite!

Cheesy loaded tater tots on a foil lined pan

These Cheesy Loaded Tater Tots are an easy side dish recipe or appetizer. They’re perfect for enjoying while watching football or even as a side dish for hamburgers or hot dogs!

Pizza Logs
Crispy egg roll wrappers stuffed with gooey mozzarella cheese and zesty pepperoni, fried to a golden brown and dipped in marinara sauce.
Gouda Pecans
bowl of gouda stuffed pecans
Gouda Pecans are the BEST! Raw pecans are stuffed with an easy gouda and sour cream mix and that is all, folks! So easy to make!
Two french bread pizzas on a baking sheet

Pizza is always a good thing to serve on game day! This French Bread Alfredo Pizza puts a fun spin on a traditional dish.

Close up of a cheeseburger pizza

What happens when you take two favorites and mash them together? The best pizza ever! This Cheeseburger Pizza and it’s perfect for game day!

air fryer french fries in a basket with ketchup

French fries are always a good game day food, and these Air Fryer French Fries are a healthier way to make them!

Even more Super Bowl food!

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