Dips, Dressings, + Sauces

Sometimes I think I should refer to myself as the sauce queen, no joke. Much of my blogging career has been successful based on edible cookie doughs, aioli recipes and sauces.

Homemade Buffalo Sauce is an easy blend of just two ingredients! Use other buffalo sauce ingredients to make fun twists for all your buffalo recipes! #buffalosauce #buffalosaucerecipe www.savoryexperiments.com
Buffalo Sauce for Wings

Feeling saucy? You should be! We are about to give you all the condiments and sauces recipe that are worth knowing to take your food to the next level!

Sauces, condiments, dips and spreads are really what take basic food and elevate it to restaurant quality. Any weeknight meal can be made more sophisticated by simply adding a sauce.

Can you beleive as a kid I was anti-sauce? Yep. Didn’t like it. I didn’t eat salad dressing or even that much ketchup. I like things plain.

Spicy Ketchup is a sauce that kicks up a classic and favorite. Serve with fries, on a burger or hot dog or anything else that needs some zing! #spicyketchup #hotketchup www.savoryexperiments.com
Spicy Ketchup

And even today, I’d much rather whip up a homemade sauce than buy something in a bottle. It gives it a personal touch. And so many of your favorite sauces are so easy to make!

Take mayonnaise, for example, it is just eggs, oil and salt. Have you ever had real, homemade mayo without all the additives and preservatives made with a good quality olive oil?

It stops being all about adding moisture and more about adding flavor a depth.

Homemade Red Wine Gravy Recipe is a make-ahead, rich and velvety gravy recipe without pan drippings. Perfect over turkey, chicken, mashed potatoes, or beef! #pangravy #redwinegravy www.savoryexperiments.com
Red Wine Gravy

The same tools go for marinades and salad dressings. Simple taking a few leftover pieces of fresh herbs, vinegar and oil- or maybe even mayo- and whipping up a custom dressing is much more appealing.

So take your food up a notch with some of our favorites! You can drizzle, serve in a ramekin or even smother.

Best Dip Recipes:

Cream Cheese Fruit Salad Dip
Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

Best Dressing Recipes:

Roasted Jalapeno and Onion Dressing Recipe is a new way to jazz up your leafy greens or your favorite roasted or grilled vegetables. #jalapeno #saladdressing #caramelizedonion www.savoryexperiments.com
Roasted Jalapeno and Onion Dressing

Best Sauce Recipes:

Cranberry Mayo

Best Seasoning Recipes:

Homemade Poultry Seasoning is super easy to make, you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry! Season chicken, beef, seafood and more! #poultryseasoning #homemadespices www.savoryexperiments.com
Homemade Poultry Seasoning
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