Cold Tortellini Salad Kabobs

These Cold Tortellini Salad Skewers bring something extra special to any event you bring them to! Everyone will fall in love with this kabob recipe! The best part is no mess and easy clean up!

Cold Tortellini Salad Skewers- pasta salad on a stick! Great for cookouts and BBQs, use leftovers in your salad. | #pastasalad |

Cold Tortellini Salad Kabobs are basically a delicious cold tortellini pasta salad on a stick! These shish kebabs are made up of tortellini, grape tomatoes, black olives, and sweet onions, covered in a mouth watering Italian dressing! The perfect snack to serve as a starter or appetizer at a bbq, or get together!

Need a simple, cold salad for your next BBQ?  I have you covered with Cold Tortellini Salad Kabobs.  The best part?  No utensils need.  This pasta salad is in kabob form.  Simple to prepare, it can be done the night before and will last in the fridge for up to two days.

These Cold Tortellini Salad Kabobs are so easy to make! You only need a handful of ingredients, and 30 minutes to make these delectable shish kabobs! They’re perfect to throw together and take with you to any event!

The longer you can let your tortellini salad mixture sit in the fridge in your Italian dressing marinade, the better these Cold Tortellini Salad Kabobs will turn out! Whether you leave it only for an hour, or 24 hours, all you have to do to complete these kabobs is thread them onto a skewer and they’re ready to go!

A little secret.  I made Cold Tortellini Salad Kabobs for my Memorial Day BBQ and forgot to bring them out!  I was left with a plate of skewers which were excellent served on top of a leafy green salad and alongside steak kabobs the other.  Sorry party attendees! You missed a delightful munchie!

I was definitely okay with how that worked out because that meant more for me to enjoy, and oh how I enjoyed them! I actually can’t wait for my next BBQ so I can make these again!

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Tools for making Cold Tortellini Salad Kabobs:

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Cold Tortellini Salad Skewers
Cold Tortellini Salad Kabobs
Prep Time
30 mins
Total Time
30 mins
Cold pasta salad on a stick!
Author: Jessica at Savory Experiments
  • 20 ounces tri-colored cheese tortellini
  • 6 ounce whole black olives pitted
  • 1 medium sweet onion
  • 2 cups grape tomatoes
  • 2 cups Italian Dressing
  • 2 teaspoons fine sea salt
  • 2 teaspoons black pepper
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder
  1. Cook tortellini “al dente” according to package directions. Drain and cool to room temperature.
  2. Quarter onion and place into a large mixing bowl. Drain and rinse olives and place in the same bowl. Add tortellini and tomatoes.
  3. In a small dish, whisk together Italian Dressing, fine sea salt, black pepper and garlic powder. Pour over tortellini moisture and refrigerate for 1 hour-24 hours.
  4. Remove from the refrigerator and thread onto long skewers. Drizzle a little bit of remaining dressing over skewers and refrigerate until ready to serve.
  5. Enjoy your Cold Tortellini Salad Skewers!

 Cold Tortellini Salad Kabobs Recipe- make ahead for parties and use the leftovers in a salad. Cold Tortellini Salad Kabobs are the perfect easy appetizer!



Guess your site is null and void. Could not get this recipe to print after 4 or 5 tries, I gave up. Too bad. sounded good. Wanted to use for NY Eve.

    Jessica at Savory Experiments

    I’m really sorry to hear that. I just checked all the links and buttons and was able to successfully print it out at my own home. I hope you have a nice holiday. -Jessica

Sarah Caron (Sarah's Cucina Bella)

Everything about these is calling my name — YUM!

Colleen (Souffle Bombay)

Fun! I love a good pick-me-up app!


I’m going to a picnic tomorrow and I’m still undecided on what to make. These look so very tempting!

Jenn @ Deliciously Sprinkled

LOVE THESE!! Perfect for a summer BBQ! 🙂

Lauren Kelly Nutrition

These are perfect for any summer BBQ!

Melissa from

How fun and perfect for an appetizer idea. Awesome!

Nutmeg Nanny

These are adorable! I have never thought to put tortellini on skewers!


What an interesting idea. It’s always good to mix things up in the summer!


Oh it’s so cute, perfect for a BBQ

Kim (Feed Me, Seymour)

These skewers are so fun! Definitely a new take on party food and I love it!


How clever these are! perfect for parties, love this!


Jessica, this is such a great idea! I love this. I’m pinning and probably using the idea for my next gathering

Marjory @ Dinner-Mom

These are perfect party fare! Will definitely be trying this at my next party!

Paula - bell'alimento

Such a great summertime appetizer! Perfect for parties.

Ginny McMeans

What a great idea! These look like they would be everyone’s favorite!

Stephanie @ Back For Seconds

This is such a fun idea! Love it!


Sure fire way to get my kids to eat anything is by putting it on a stick, love these!

Amy @Very Culinary

I make a similar riff on this – always a hit. Love your version!

Ashley @ Wishes & Dishes

These are so colorful!! I love them!

Angie | Big Bear's Wife

I bet those are amazing! I’ll be making these soon to have along side some shrimp and steak kabobs!

Sophia @ NY Foodgasm

OMG love this idea!! So refreshing too!

Christine from Cook the Story

I love how easy these are to put together for a quick meal!

Sashi @ Get Off The Couch And Cook

Oh, my! What a wonderful idea! We have friends who host a themed dinner party every month and June’s theme is “Picnic.” I think I just figured out what my side item is going to be. 🙂


    Glad I could help! Thanks for coming through!

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