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Hi! I’m Jessica. I left my job as a psychotherapist to pursue my passions: family, food and travel. I live with my wonderful husband and daughter, whom we lovingly call our Chicken and newest addition, son Thomas.

Together we try new things and share our experiences; the good, bad, funny and embarrassing.

I contribute to Better Homes and Gardens, PARADE Magazine and The Daily Meal, but have been featured in numerous other publications, including Brilliant Baking and Country Living magazines.

Additionally, I create recipes, take photographs, appear as a TV personality, provide live cooking demonstrations and attend media travel events.

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But it’s not just me, I have a whole team! Come meet them!

Fun Facts About Me

  • I am obsessed with salt. I own 28 different kinds.
  • Butter is my weakness. I love bread, but it is often just a socially acceptable way to eat butter.
  • While visiting a rainforest in Venezuela, I was bit by a monkey. Don’t worry, I don’t have any funky monkey disease.
  • I have no tailbone! I broke it and had to have it removed.
  • I’m not professionally trained in the kitchen. Part of the blog is about learning!
  • I am a cookbook hoarder.
  • I play a game called recipe roulette with my hordes of cookbooks. I turn to a random page and make that recipe.
  • I love 80’s music!!!
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