Jessica Formicola holding her cookbook Beef It Up!

My Cookbook!

Check out my book! I love beef and have provided 50 beef recipes that can all be easily prepared in the kitchen with no special equipment or grill.

Make it yours today by purchasing through one of these online retailers or checking our your local bookstore. If they don’t carry it— simply ask!

Where’s the beef?

It’s on the dinner table tonight! This focused collection of recipes offers 50 tasty ways to serve up protein-rich beef meals without a lot of fuss.

  • Flavorful beef suppers (Cheeseburger Soup, Shepherd’s Pie Mac & Cheese) are featured along with new classics (Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas, 20-Minute Mongolian-style Beef ),
  • Salads (Southwest Steak Salad w/ Chipotle Ranch and Steakhouse Salad w/ Blue Cheese),
  • Quick hits (Empanada Hand Pies and Beef Satay with Peanut Sauce), and
  • The tried-and-true burgers, steaks, and chili.

Juicy photos provide the inspiration and confidence cooks of all levels need to deliver on the promise of a great meal every time.

What People Are Saying (Important People!)

“Jessica expertly translates her personal beef experience into a must read for home cooks looking to serve high quality beef meals. Beef It Up! is the perfect combination of chef knowledge, beef facts, and meat science— making readers smarter shoppers and more confident, accomplished cooks.”
Chef Michael Ollier and Culinary Team, Certified Angus Beef
“An easy-to-understand guide on all things beef: where it comes from, how to buy certain cuts, and how to bring it all home to create easy meals.”
Cowboy Kent Rollins, author of A Taste of Cowboy
“Digging into this meaty cookbook made my mouth water with each page turn. This is a book for meat lovers, especially those who want to learn how to make their favorite cut of beef taste best.” 
Nikki Miller-Ka, Food & Wine Magazine
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