Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

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    There is no better summer dessert than a refreshing fruit salad with a Cream Cheese Fruit Dip. Made with cream cheese, yogurt, vanilla extract and brown sugar, you could almost eat this dip by the spoonful. 

    This Fruit Dip recipe combines both a cream cheese fruit dip and a yogurt fruit dip for the most amazing dessert for any summer party!

    Can you believe Memorial Day is already this weekend?? I feel like this year is flying by so fast that I can barely keep up! Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorites because we almost always have some sort of BBQ or cookout with friends and family.

    Make sure you PIN Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

    Complete with hot dogs and burgers on the grill, macaroni, potato and fruit salad, it’s a great time to enjoy each others company and ALL the yummy food. It is always about the delicious food. 

    And I don’t know about you, but I can’t serve a fruit salad without an awesome fruit dip to go alongside it. Whether it be served as a dessert, or even as a side dish for a summer BBQ, a good fruit dip is a necessity! Dips can make or break a dish. 

    My typical fruit dip recipe is a mixture of equal parts vanilla yogurt and whipped cream. While it is good and super tasty, sometimes I like to take it up a notch and get really decadent. As decadent as one can go with fruit dip. LOL.

    PRO TIP: This cream cheese dip can also be used on ice cream, brownies or chocolate cake! 

    So I decided to combine a cream cheese fruit dip with a yogurt fruit dip and the result was magical. Slightly sweet, a little tart and super rich and creamy. The perfect fruit dip. 

    A lot of fruit dip recipes out there use marshmallow fluff. And while those recipes are delicious, using Greek yogurt in its place significantly reduces the amount of sugar and sweetness, while still tasting delicious. It’s a win-win! 

    To make this easy dip, you start by whipping softened cream cheese in the bowl of a stand mixer (or hand mixer.) It’s super important to soften the cream cheese first, or else your dip will turn out lumpy instead of smooth. Add in the yogurt and blend until combined. 

    Cream Cheese Fruit Salad Dip
    Pictured with Fruit Salad

    Once the yogurt and cream cheese are combined, add in the brown sugar and vanilla and beat until completely combined. Transfer to a a serving bowl and you are done! It doesn’t get much easier than that. 

    PRO TIP: No matter the recipe, beat cream cheese well before combining with other ingredients to make sure it is smooth. 

    Fruit salad with fruit dip is a great dish to serve at a bridal or baby shower. It’s something universal that you know everyone will love. You could even add a bit of food coloring to customize this dip to whatever theme!

    This recipe can be easily doubled or even tripled if serving a lot of people. With only four ingredients and five minutes, this Cream Cheese Fruit Dip is sure to be the hit of all of your summer BBQs!

    Questions you may have about how to make Cream Cheese Fruit Dip:

    Can fruit dip be made ahead of time? Fruit dip can last in the refrigerator for three to four days, so you can absolutely make this ahead of time, One last thing to do the day of your party of get together!

    Can cream cheese fruit dip be frozen? You can absolutely freeze it! You can safely store it for a few months in an airtight container. This is especially helpful if you made a little too much, or have a little bit leftover that you’d like to save for later.

    How long does fruit dip last? If kept in the refrigerator, fruit dip will keep well for about three to four days. You can certainly freeze it instead for up to a couple of months.

    What to serve with fruit dip? Well the obvious answer is, of course, fruit! My favorite fruits to serve with this dip are berries, apples, strawberries, grapes and melon, but any fruit will do!

    You can also serve this dip with animal crackers, graham crackers, or even chocolate chip cookies for a fun dessert idea! Also, if you like the salty and sweet combo, try serving this sweet dip with some salty pretzels!

    Is fruit dip gluten free? Because this dessert is only made with cream cheese, yogurt, vanilla and brown sugar, it does not contain wheat. As long as a recipe doesn’t contain wheat (or ingredients made in a place that contains wheat,) that recipe is considered gluten free.

    If you liked this yogurt fruit dip recipe, check out these other easy fruit desserts:

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    Tools for making Easy Fruit Dip:

    Stand Mixer– I lived for a long time without one. My life was changed when I finally bit the bullet and bought one. Just do it and thank yourself later.

    Mixing Bowls– make sure to check out my article on Using the Right Mixing Bowl, you’d be surprised how many people aren’t! 

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    Overhead of cream cheese fruit dip with fresh fruit and mint
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    Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

    This Fruit Dip recipe combines both a cream cheese fruit dip and a yogurt fruit dip for the most amazing dessert dip for any summer party!
    Prep Time5 mins
    Total Time5 mins
    Course: Sauce
    Cuisine: American
    Keyword: cream cheese fruit dip, easy fruit dip recipe
    Servings: 10
    Calories: 95kcal



    • In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, whip cream cheese until light and fluffy.
    • Add yogurt, blending until combined.
    • Add vanilla and brown sugar, beating until well combined.
    • Transfer to serving bowl, cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.
    • If you've tried this recipe, come back and let us know how it was!


    Calories: 95kcal | Carbohydrates: 4g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 8g | Saturated Fat: 4g | Cholesterol: 26mg | Sodium: 78mg | Potassium: 47mg | Sugar: 3g | Vitamin A: 305IU | Calcium: 37mg | Iron: 0.1mg

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