19 Easy Crock Pot Chicken Recipes

If you’re looking for a no-hassle dinner, this collection of easy crock pot chicken recipes is the answer! There are SO many slow cooker chicken recipes out there, so I put all of my favorites into one place!

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I can honestly say that crockpot meals are my absolute favorite. I love being able to throw everything into the slow cooker and know that dinner will be ready after a long day of work.

Chicken is one of those super versatile ingredients that has an infinite number of recipes. Add the versatility of chicken to the ease of a crockpot, and it equals the perfect meal!

These are some of my favorite crockpot chicken recipes.

Slow cooker chicken tacos on a silver tray with a lime

This Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos recipe takes only 10 minutes to make in the crock pot! Ideal for an easy weeknight meal. You can find the recipe here.

Cashew chicken over rice on a white plate

This Cashew Chicken recipe takes a little bit more prep time, but the end result is totally worth it! Flavorful and delicious, this is a meal that you’ll want to make over and over again! You can find the recipe here.

Apple balsamic chicken in a white bowl

This Slow Cooker Apple Balsamic Chicken uses apple jelly, robust balsamic vinegar and apple juice to create an incredible flavor combination! Serve over white rice for a complete meal. You can find the recipe here.

Chicken korma in a white bowl with lemons

This Slow Cooker Chicken Korma is a healthy way to prepare dinner, only 10 minutes into the pot, loaded with dietary fiber and protein! You can find the recipe here.

Close up of slow cooker jambalaya

Add some spice to your life with this Slow Cooker Chicken Jambalaya! This recipe takes only 10 minutes for everything to get in the pot and you have one easy dinner four hours later! You can find the recipe here.

Slow cooker orange chicken in a white bowl

Skip the takeout and make this Slow Cooker Orange Chicken at home! This recipe is perfect to throw in the crock pot for a busy weeknight meal! You can find the recipe here.

Balsamic chicken pasta in a crockpot

My Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken Pasta is not only easy but also cheap! I think that qualifies as a family favorite every time! You can find the recipe here.

Two tacos of cowboy chicken on a plate

Taco night doesn’t get much better than when you make this Slow Cooker Cowboy Chicken! It’s easy to throw together and packed full of flavor. You can find the recipe here.

Close up of chicken burrito in white bowl

One Pot Slow Cooker Burrito packed full of tender chicken, veggies and brown rice makes this a perfect easy meal to feed your family after a busy day! You can find the recipe here.

Chicken marsala with mushrooms and gravy

Chicken Marsala has never been so easy! This crockpot version packs all of the flavor without all of the work. You can find the recipe here.

Margarita chicken dip in a red bowl

With flavors of lime, tequila and orange, this Crock Pot Margarita Chicken Dip will be a hit at your next party! You can find the recipe here.

Chicken gyros on a red and white napkin

No matter which way you pronounce it, these Slow Cooker Chicken Gyros would make the perfect weeknight meal! You can find the recipe here.

Chicken caesar pita tied with a string

These Crock Pot Chicken Caesar Pitas turn your favorite salad into a delicious pita sandwich for lunch! You can find the recipe here.

Pineapple Coconut Chicken in a gray bowl

Take yourself to the tropics with these Slow Cooker Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken Thighs! Perfectly moist, flavorful and so easy! You can find the recipe here.

Close up of whole chicken in crock pot

I absolutely love this idea of cooking an entire chicken in the crock pot! No more store-bought rotisserie chickens for me!

Sauce poured onto a sriracha chicken slider

These Slow Cooker Sriracha Chicken Sliders would be the perfect dish to serve at your next party! Easily feeds a crowd and tons of spicy flavor. You can find the recipe here.

Crockpot Chicken and Noodles in a white bowl

This Crock Pot Chicken and Noodles recipe is the ultimate dinner if you’re craving comfort food! You can find the recipe here.

Teriyaki chicken with peppers, rice and broccoli

This Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken is an easy recipe perfect for busy weeknights! Serve with stir-fried veggies and you have a delicious and healthy dinner! You can find the recipe here.
Close up of crack chicken sandwich
Once you try this Crock Pot Crack Chicken, you will understand how it got it’s name! It’s so good that it’s addicting! You can find the recipe here.


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These 19 Easy Crock Pot Chicken Recipes are perfect for your quick dinner needs! Recipes ranging from healthy to hearty, from Italian to Mexican, and everything in between, you will find what you're looking for here! Just throw it all in the slow cooker for an easy weeknight meal. #easycrockpotchickenrecipes #slowcookerchickenrecipes #easychickencrockpotrecipes #savoryexperiments


Shashi at SavorySpin

I am sitting here day dreaming that I’m sitting at a potluck table with all of these delicious eats on it!

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So much good inspo here!

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Am I the last person in the world who doesn’t own a crockpot??? I never knew it was this versatile!

    Jessica at Savory Experiments

    You know what, I avoided them for a long time as well. And now I love it! I would, however, suggest an Instant Pot that has BOTH a crock pot and electric pressure cooker function. https://amzn.to/2MZ1lFd

Jyothi (Jo)

What a amazing collection of crock pot recipes. I just had dinner and now I’m all over hungry again looking at all the photos.


The crockpot is my savior including in the summertime when I can put the crock pot out in the shade under the patio. This is a nice large collection of recipes for people..



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Okay, which of these recipes to start with. Your roundup of crockpot recipes is simply divine!! I would eat each and every one of these delightful recipes. But I think I’d start with the apple balsamic recipe first!

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