Before starting this blog, I would have never considered myself to be a baker, let alone a candy maker. I just don’t enjoy it as much as creating savory meals.

pile of nutella fudge
Nutella Fudge

But I’ve figured out a few candy recipes that are easy enough for people like me and also for you or any beginner. I include tips and tricks so you won’t mess it up and can take all of the glory when you present a lovely plate of candies.

First, let’s understand what candy is.

Candy is considered to be confections made with sugar or syrup and commonly combined with fruit or nuts. In this case, chocolate is considered to be sugar.

This includes gum, hard candy, chocolates, sugar candy, toffee and chocolate covered items.

I haven’t gotten into making gum or hard candy, but I do make some easy chocolates and sugar candies. Some might even include fudge into the category since it meets the criteria.

Here are our favorite candy recipes:

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