12+ Creamy and Delicious Aioli Recipes

One of my favorite condiments is aioli. There is just something about the creamy deliciousness that makes any meal great! Ranging from savory to sweet flavors, these aioli recipes are the best!

Collage of aioli recipes

If you are wondering how to make homemade aioli, look no further! Creamy and delicious, these are the best aioli recipes from scratch.

If you’ve never made it before, most aioli recipes are surprisingly easy. Despite it’s fancy name, aioli really only requires a few ingredients and minimal work to make.

Not only does it make a great dipping sauce for fries and veggies, but it also tastes great slathered on a sandwich or used as a marinade! These are some of my favorite aioli recipes!

Truffle aioli in a jar on burlap

This Truffle Aioli sauce is made with truffle pate instead of truffle oil and contains no raw eggs, unlike most aioli sauces. So yummy! You can find the recipe here.

Herb lemon aioli in a white bowl

Herb Lemon Aioli is a delicious condiment perfect for sandwiches, as a dipping sauce and even as a marinade! Garlic, lemon, mayonnaise, and some fresh herbs combined, is what makes up this Herb Lemon Aioli sauce! You can find the recipe here.

Hearts of palm cake dipped into garlic aioli

One of my favorite aioli recipes is this Quick Garlic Aioli. It is one of the easiest ways to punch up any dish or meal. Make this simple sauce in less than 5 minutes! You can find the recipe here.

Chipotle aioli in a white bowl with a spoon

Easy Chipotle Aioli is a versatile condiment. Use this chipotle mayo on deli sandwiches, burgers, grilled cheese, fries, onion rings and more! You can find the recipe here.

Easy aioli in a black bowl with a spoon

Make the perfect accompaniment to fish, rice dishes, or anything that could benefit from a creamy, garlic sauce, in 5 minutes with this Easy Aioli recipe. You can find the recipe here.

Basil garlic aioli with fries

Basil Garlic Aioli sauce made from scratch only takes a few minutes to make and the result is a flavorful dip or spread that packs a real raw garlic punch. It’s one of the best aioli recipes! You can find the recipe here.

Spanish aioli in a square blue bowl

This Easy Spanish Aioli only requires three ingredients! With plenty of garlic, it is an amazing condiment option. You can find the recipe here.

Lemon dill aioli with a lemon wedge

This Lemon Dill Aioli is the perfect accompaniment to any appetizer. Five minutes and you’ve got a delicious and fresh sauce. You can find the recipe here.

Cosmo cranberry aioli in a white ramekin

Use up that leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving to make this Cosmo Cranberry Aioli with cosmopolitan cranberry and orange flavors! You can find the recipe here.

Chipotle lime aioli in a yellow bowl

This Chipotle Lime Aioli recipe is spicy, tart and packed with flavor! It’s one of the aioli recipes that can’t be beat! You can find the recipe here.

Balsamic Roasted garlic aioli in a red bowl

Sweet and tangy, this Roasted Garlic Balsamic Aioli has incredible flavor! You can find the recipe here.

Bell pepper aioli in a glass jar with a white napkin

Want a quick and easy condiment that’s equally good for dipping, drizzling and spreading? This ambrosia-like sweet bell pepper aioli is it! You can find the recipe here.

If you liked these homemade aioli recipes, check out these other great condiment recipes:

Collage of aioli recipes

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