There are several types of edible mushrooms, and these are the BEST Mushroom recipes! Whether as a side dish or a burger topping, they are delicious!

sauteed mushrooms in a serving bowl

What are mushrooms?

A mushroom is a fleshy, spore bearing fungus that grows in the ground. There are many different species ranging in size, shape and color.

While some mushrooms are toxic and not meant for consumption, there are many that are edible and used in a variety of dishes! Here are some of the most popular edible types:

  • button
  • shiitake
  • cremini
  • portobello
  • porcini
  • oyster

Mushrooms have a very earthy, beefy flavor. They are used for a variety of dishes, including:

  • in sauces
  • as a topping for meats
  • in soups
  • alone as a side dish
  • in place of meat in vegetarian dishes
  • stuffed as an appetizer

These are our favorite recipes that use mushrooms:

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