Marinara Sauce

One of the most popular sauces for pasta, marinara sauce is also used in so many other ways!

30 Minute Marinara Sauce - Quick and easy meals

What is marinara sauce?

In its basic form, marinara sauce is a red sauce made from tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs. When you think of a traditional pasta like spaghetti, the sauce you are envisioning is more than likely a marinara sauce.

Marinara sauce is used in many popular pasta dishes such as:

It’s also used as a dipping sauce for things like:

There are endless jars of sauce that you can buy from the store. It’s simple enough to just buy a jar, heat it up on the stove and pour it over some pasta.

But if you want to experience real and authentic flavor, try making it homemade! It’s easier than you may think, and if you need a good recipe, here is my homemade marinara sauce recipe.

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