Olive Oil

One of the most popular cooking oils, olive oil is a liquid fat made by pressing whole olives and extracting the oil. These are the best recipes!

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What is olive oil?

This oil is made from the pressing of the fresh olive fruit of the olive tree. These trees are grown in places like Italy, Spain, Greece, and California, it is popular in Mediterranean and European cooking and found in kitchens all over the globe.

When shopping for it at the store, you will notice that it comes in a variety of styles. These styles differ in terms of the way the oil is extracted, not the type of olive used. The most popular is extra virgin and simply, virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin  is the most flavorful, often having a grassy or fruity taste, that then becomes part of the dish it is used in. It ranges in color from a deep golden hue to a light green color.

It is typically cold-pressed which means it is made by a chemical-free process and is one of the reasons it is higher in cost. I often reserve these for cold dishes, dipping bread, and salads so you can really taste what they have to offer.

Virgin is made in a similar fashion although the standards for it are not as stringent as the EVOO. This style has a less prominent flavor and a higher acid content. It is a great oil for universal cooking.

Homemade olive oil:

Marinades and dressings that use olive oil:

Recipes that use olive oil:

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