50+ Favorite Leftover Turkey Recipes

These creative Leftover Turkey Recipes are just what you need to use up the rest of your leftovers using turkey and other key Thanksgiving menu items.

collage of turkey recipes for leftovers


It never fails that after Thanksgiving, we have TONS of leftovers! However, I can only eat turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy for so many days in a row before I tire of it.

There are so many delicious ways to use leftover turkey meat. And not only leftover turkey, but also creative ways to use leftover stuffing, leftover mashed potatoes and leftover gravy and all of your holiday leftovers.

That’s why I found these amazing leftover turkey recipes! From soups to casseroles, these recipes will make you want to have turkey for dinner every night!

Ranging from easy recipes like turkey stock using the turkey bones, or something a little more in depth like a casserole using egg noodles and leftover roast turkey.

No matter which recipe you use, you’re sure to find new favorite ways to turn your holiday dinners into new comfort food recipes. You can even substitute rotisserie chicken for most of these recipes too!

Turkey Appetizers

thanksgiving turkey crescent ring

Thanksgiving Crescent Ring

This Thanksgiving Crescent Ring piles your favorite turkey day leftovers onto buttery, flaky crescent rolls for a delicious meal or snack! Baked up to perfection and ready to enjoy in only 35 minutes!
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Leftover turkey recipes - turkey nacho with cheese pull

Crispy Turkey Nachos

These Crispy Turkey Nachos use your turkey and other ingredients that you probably already have on hand to make a delicious snack or appetizer!
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Brie turkey crostini in a hand, leftover turkey recipes

Turkey & Black Currant Brie Bites

Make this unique and delicious easy turkey brie appetizer. This crostini recipe only takes a few minutes to throw together and is fabulous for watching football!
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Turkey salad sliders on a white plate, leftover turkey recipes

Turkey Salad Sliders

Turkey Salad Sliders are so simple to make using just a couple of ingredients, including your leftover turkey. Perfect for game day or a light lunch!
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Turkey pear pizza cut into squares - leftover turkey recipes

Turkey and Pear Balsamic Pizza

This Turkey and Pear Balsamic Pizza is one of my favorite recipes year round. The sweet and tangy flavors are craveable.
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air fryer egg roll cut in half

Turkey and Stuffing Air Fryer Egg Rolls

Turkey and Stuffing Air Fryer Egg Rolls are the perfect way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers, but they also make an easy and unique weeknight meal!
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Buffalo turkey dip in a crock with a chip - leftover turkey recipes

Smoked Buffalo Turkey Dip

The ultimate use for leftover turkey is this Smoked Buffalo Turkey Dip! You’ve had buffalo chicken dip, now try buffalo turkey dip!
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Turkey Soups and Stews

bowl of turkey noodle soup

Turkey Noodle Soup

4.80 from 10 votes
Turkey Noodle Soup is a warm and comforting classic filled with savory broth, tender turkey, lots of vegetables and a crunchy topping.
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Turkey Stock is the base to great gravy, sauce and stuffing. Make your own for robust flavor and maximum health benefits.

Turkey Stock

5 from 9 votes
Turkey Stock is the base to great gravy, sauce and stuffing. Make your own for robust flavor and maximum health benefits.
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bowl of leftover turkey soup

Leftover Turkey Soup

Looking for a perfect meal to use up your leftover turkey? Packed with fresh vegetables and herbs, this turkey soup recipe is super filling and so comforting!
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bowl of turkey chili with cheese and sour cream

Healthy Turkey Chili

This HEALTHY and EASY Turkey Chili Recipe has perfect heat and a SECRET INGREDIENT that makes it the ultimate winter meal and great for game days!
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Turkey corn chowder in a white bowl - leftover turkey recipes

Creamy Turkey Soup with Potatoes and Corn

Creamy Turkey Soup with Potatoes and Corn is a rich and hearty chowder that’s perfect for using several leftovers from Thanksgiving!
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ladle with turkey soup

Turkey Bean Soup

This Turkey Bean soup will warm your stomach and your soul! The perfect use for leftover turkey, this soup has classic comforting flavors that are perfect for for sick days or cozy nights in.
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ladle holding turkey noodle soup

Leftover Slow Cooker Turkey Noodle Soup

Leftover turkey soup is made in the crock pot and is the perfect recipe to use up some Thanksgiving leftovers!
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Turkey chili in a white bowl with sour cream and cheese - leftover turkey recipes

Leftover Turkey Chili

This is a thick & hearty Turkey Chili that’s perfect for using up leftover Thanksgiving turkey!
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Leftover Turkey Sandwiches

Turkey club pinwheel recipes with veggies on a tray

Turkey Club Sandwich Pinwheels

4.59 from 12 votes
Turkey Club Sandwich Pinwheels use the traditional club sandwich ingredients, but wrap them in a tortilla. Easy to make, eat and clean up!
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Turkey, Swiss and Cranberry Mayo Roll-Ups- the perfect way to use your Thanksgiving leftovers for a fresh, new meal! #cra

Turkey and Cranberry Mayo Roll-Ups

4.75 from 8 votes
Turkey, Swiss and Cranberry Mayo Roll-Ups- the perfect way to use your Thanksgiving leftovers for a fresh, new meal!
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pile of turkey slider sandwiches

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Sliders

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Sliders are like the holidays on a bun! Sweet Hawaiian rolls are brushed with a sweet and savory glaze, filled with turkey, cranberry sauce, and cheddar cheese, then warmed in the oven. 
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turkey club sandwich with toothpicks

Club Sandwich

This Club Sandwich Recipe is an easy and classic sandwich made with hickory smoked turkey breast, Swiss cheese, thick-cut bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. It’s a great lunch or light dinner recipe!
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piled turkey BLT with avocado

Honey Avocado Turkey Bacon Sandwiches

These Honey Avocado Turkey Bacon Sandwiches are my daily lunch lately, so for anyone needing healthy lunch ideas, this is it! And the best part? It’s really good!
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Turkey BLT on a white plate - leftover turkey recipes

Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT

This Roasted Turkey & Avocado BLT is a Panera copycat recipe. If you’ve had it, you know why we love it.
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turkey wrap with lettuce

Best Turkey BLT Wrap

With a delicious honey avocado dressing, this Turkey BLT Wrap is the best way to use turkey leftovers.
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Thanksgiving panini cut in half on a white plate - leftover turkey recipes

Thanksgiving Panini

This Thanksgiving Panini is not only one of the best leftover turkey recipes, but it also uses up the rest of your leftovers, too! All of the best worlds combined in one bite.
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Turkey Rice and Pastas

pile of turkey florentine pasta

Turkey Florentine Pasta Bake

This Turkey Florentine Pasta Bake combines lean ground turkey with spinach and marinara for a simple baked pasta dish the whole family will love!
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Turkey noodle casserole in a skillet - leftover turkey recipes

Cheesy Turkey Noodle Casserole

This one-pot Cheesy Turkey Noodle Casserole is creamy, hearty, and full of all kinds of deliciousness! With veggies, pasta, leftover turkey and cheddar, this yummy meal is on the table in less than 30 minutes.
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turkey tetrazzini with a white pumpkin

Leftover Turkey Tetrazzini

Leftover Turkey Tetrazzini Recipe – creamy, rich baked spaghetti casserole with leftover turkey, peas, and lots of shredded cheese!
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Turkey pilaf in a blue bowl - leftover turkey recipes

One Pot Turkey Pilaf

Make this quick and healthy One Pot Turkey Pilaf! You’ll be one step closer to your healthy new goals.
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Turkey bacon alfredo in a pan - leftover turkey recipes

Turkey Bacon Alfredo Skillet

Post-Thanksgiving and have a heap of leftovers? Try this Turkey Bacon Alfredo Skillet!
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Turkey sweet potato orzo on a white plate - leftover turkey recipes

Orzo with Leftover Turkey and Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes combined with savory turkey and cheese in a delicious orzo pasta dish. The perfect easy dinner meal!
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Turkey Dinners

Grilled Turkey Zucchini Boats Recipe - Looking for grilling recipes? Turkey stuffed zucchini makes the perfect healthy dinner! One of the best zucchini recipes I’ve ever made.

Grilled Turkey Zucchini Boats

4.88 from 8 votes
Grilled Turkey Zucchini Boats Recipe -Turkey stuffed zucchini makes the perfect healthy dinner! One of the best zucchini recipes I’ve ever made.
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close up of a yellow bell pepper with ground turkey stuffing

Turkey Stuffed Pepper Recipe

5 from 11 votes
Turkey Stuffed Peppers are filled with spinach, onion, garlic, white beans and cheese. An easy and healthy dinner idea.
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stuffed acorn squash cut in half

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Stuffed Acorn Squash is packed with flavor using turkey, chopped apples, kale, and dried cranberries for a healthy side dish! Only 15 minutes of hands-on prep time is needed!
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overhead shot of chicken stuffing casserole

Turkey Stuffing Slow Cooker Casserole

Tender, juicy turkey breast slow cooked with flavor-rich herb stuffing, creamy cream of chicken soup, tangy sour cream, and hearty chicken stock makes the perfect easy weeknight dinner that is both filling and comforting.
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spoon with turkey casserole and bread crumb topping

Leftover Turkey Casserole

Tired of the same old leftovers? This Leftover Turkey Casserole is creamy and delicious. It's a great way to use up leftover meat and vegetables and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
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turkey noodle casserole in bowl

Leftover Turkey Noodle Casserole

Tired of having leftover Thanksgiving turkey? Make an easy Leftover Turkey Noodle Casserole and change things up! This easy family-pleasing meal is loaded with flavor!
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chicken pasta in a skillet

Turkey Pasta Skillet

Leftover Skillet Turkey Pasta,  an easy pasta recipe, just add some of your favorite veggies such as mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers add some leftover cut up chicken or turkey and dinner is served. 
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Turkey pot pie in a black dish - leftover turkey recipes

Turkey Pot Pie

Take using turkey up a notch with this crazy easy and scrumptious Turkey Pot Pie with a potato topping!
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overhead of a turkey and veggie skillet

Mexican Turkey Veggie Skillet Lasagna

This Mexican Turkey Veggie Skillet Lasagna is a great way to use up both leftover turkey and veggies!
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turkey pot pie in pie crust

Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

Leftover turkey pot pie is easy and cheap to make homemade. You can use leftover chicken too! Make pot pie freezer meals and dinner will be set for weeks.
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over of california turkey club

Healthy California Turkey Club

This meal is super light with crumbled turkey bacon, turkey breasts, and a yummy avocado salsa on top.
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crescent rolls turkey popovers

Turkey Dumplings

This is the best leftover turkey recipe everyone will love! Super easy and flavorful turkey dumplings that even your kids will love! Great for Thanksgiving leftovers.
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Turkey empanadas on a leaf plate - leftover turkey recipes

Thanksgiving Leftover Empanadas

Leftover turkey, ham, or sides make delicious empanadas (hand pies) in minutes with any pie crust!
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Turkey enchiladas on a white plate - leftover turkey recipes

Cheesy Turkey Enchiladas

Turkey enchiladas are a family friendly dinner recipe that’s easy to make, and packed with Mexican flavors. Using turkey instead of beef or pork makes it a healthier recipe, too!
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Storage and Freezing

While they all vary, most of these recipes can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for about 3-4 days. If your leftover recipes seem a bit dry, try adding some chicken broth to them.

If you liked these amazing leftover turkey recipes, check out turkey recipes for next year:

overhead plate of sliced turkey for thanksgiving

Turkey Dry Brine Recipe

4.75 from 12 votes
All your dry brining questions answered! How to dry brine a turkey to add flavor and get perfectly seasoned and succulent turkey everytime.
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angled shot of platter of roast turkey breast with oranges and cranberries

Herb Mayonnaise Roast Turkey Breast Recipe

4.65 from 31 votes
Herb Mayonnaise Turkey Breast is a delicious roast turkey breast perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. Easy to make in a fraction of the time of a whole turkey.
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collage of turkey recipes using leftovers
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