Whether you prefer them to be mashed, fried, baked or loaded, you are sure to find a potato recipe you love! Plus my tips for making the BEST potatoes!

What are potatoes?

A root vegetable that is loaded with starch, potatoes are a loved food all around the world. You can prepare them just about any way you’d like, and man oh man are they delicious!

There are several popular types that most people are familiar with:

  • russet
  • red
  • white
  • yellow
  • purple

Each type of potato tastes best when cooked a specific way. Here is a list of some of the most popular ways to cook them:

  • baked – usually served with butter and sour cream, or loaded with cheese, bacon and scallions
  • mashed – these are boiled until soft, then mixed with milk and butter until creamy
  • fried – you can do this several ways: in a pan like hash browns or even in the oven like french fries. The options are endless.

How to Store Potatoes

Oh, you don’t have a root cellar? Don’t worry- neither do I, but I still store my potatoes like I do. Cool, dark and dry. Stay away from plastic containers or containers with a lid and also don’t store them next to apples or onions, both emit gases that can speed the process of sprouting in potatoes.

Recipes that use potatoes:

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