Whether you prefer ribs, a roast, pork chops or even BBQ, these are the BEST pork recipes! Check out my tips for EASY ways to cook it!

What is pork?

In it’s most basic definition, pork really just means the meat from a pig. It can be from any part of the pig, any cut, and either freshly cooked or preserved. It’s all pork!

Most pork is leaner (or less in fat) than beef, so can be thought to be somewhat “healthier.” However, it is high in cholesterol and saturated fat.

Here are the cuts that you might be most familiar with:

  • Shoulder – This is most commonly seen as a roast (shoulder roast) or is also made into “collar bacon,” but that isn’t often seen at the local grocery store.
  • Loin – The loin can be made into bacon, but also into roasts (think loin roast.) It is also made into ribs (baby back ribs,) chops, cutlets and crown roasts. These things can usually be bought bone in or boneless.
  • Belly – The belly is often made into bacon, or even pancetta.
  • Ham hock – This is the meat between the feet and the leg (the knuckle.) Not found very often in the United States, but it is cooked overseas a lot.

Recipes that use pork:

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