Whether you eat them by themselves or even add them to a pot pie, peas are a vegetable that are not to be missed! These are the BEST peas recipes!

What are peas?

The small, round, green vegetable that you find inside of a long pod, that’s a pea! They are most commonly found in the canned section of the grocery store and are a popular pantry item in many households.

They can be eaten alone, usually boiled and seasoned with salt and butter. They are also put inside things to add extra flavor, like:

  • pot pies
  • salads
  • casseroles
  • stews

They do not stay fresh for very long, so the best way to preserve them is by:

  • canning
  • drying
  • freezing
  • pickling

If dried, peas are often added to soups as well. This is done most commonly in places like Japan, China and Thailand.

Recipes that use peas:

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