Orange Juice

That citrusy, delicious liquid gold that we usually enjoy with breakfast, orange juice is so much more than a breakfast drink!

orange crush on a counter

What is orange juice?

Very simply put, orange juice is the liquid produced by squeezing an orange. Easy, right?

The one that you’re probably most familiar with is the juice you find on the grocery store shelves. Tropicana, Minute Maid and Simply Orange are some of the brands that you might recognize right away.

In order to keep the juice fresh, these companies have to pasteurize it (removing the oxygen) which makes it last longer on the shelves. However, pasteurizing also takes out a lot of the flavor, so oftentimes they have to add other ingredients back in.

You can drink it straight from the orange, though, and in my opinion, that’s the best way!

Drink recipes that use orange juice:

Sweet recipes that use orange juice:

Savory recipes that use orange juice:

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