Hot Sauce

There are many varieties of hot sauce out there- literally more than I can ever name! But when we are using the term here at SE, we are generally referencing one specific type: vinegar based hot sauce.

This would include a liquidy, thin and smooth hot sauce made from chiles and vinegar.

Hot sauce is used for everything from buffalo wings to adding a little zing to our cornish hen butter sauce. Even if you don’t like spice, chances are even a dab can help to add sophistication to dishes and sauces. You probably don’t even realize it is there!

Other types of hot sauce we use include are thicker and more textural, like Sriracha or Thai Chile Garlic Sauce.

Recipes that use hot sauce:

Homemade Buffalo Sauce is an easy blend of just two ingredients! Use other buffalo sauce ingredients to make fun twists for all your buffalo recipes! #buffalosauce #buffalosaucerecipe
Homemade Buffalo Wing Sauce
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