Maldon sea salt

When it comes to salt, sea salt is the holy grail! More specifically, Maldon sea salt! This is a brief overview, history, and some of my favorite recipes that use it!

salt in a wooden testing spoon

What is sea salt?

Sea salt is probably exactly what you think it is: the salt that is leftover from evaporated seawater. Sea salt is used mainly for culinary uses, but it can also be used for cosmetics and preservation.

Many people are of the opinion that sea salt has a better taste than traditional table salt. It has a coarser texture and larger crystals than the fine grains of table salt, which is preferably to some people.

Because of those larger crystals, the sodium content is generally lower than table salt as well (when talking about volume, not necessarily weight.)

So then, what is Maldon sea salt?

The word Maldon refers to the brand of sea salt. Think of it like the “Hellman’s” of mayonnaise. I personally always have Maldon sea salt on hand and use it in many recipes.

Some specific recipes that use Maldon sea salt are:

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