Apple Juice

Apple juice may conjure up memories of childhood, but it is 100% for kids to adults alike and wonderful for drinking as well as for cooking. In fact, did you know it is one of the most common fruit juices worldwide?

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Apple juice is made by macerating and pressing apples. Macerating is the process of softening the apple in some sort of liquid – most often simply water. They are boiled to help break down the flesh of the apple, mashed, and then strained. Some recipes call for some sugar to be added.

For some commercial operations, additional steps are needed to them remove pectin and starch that might be in the juice and to pasteurize it for packing. Most often the unclarified version (ahem – apple cider) is seen in smaller production facilities.

Here are some great recipes that use apple juice:

What are the benefits of drinking apple juice?

Apple juice is 88% water and is said to support hydration. A diluted version can sometimes be a great alternative to some sports drinks. The commercially produced product is often fortified with nutrients and vitamins that give it some additional health benefits.

What apples are used for apple juice

McIntosh apples, that kind of rounded, medium-sized, apple with red and sometimes green skin, are the most common variety used to make apple juice commercially, but you can make your own with whatever apple you know and love.

Can you make apple juice from scratch?

Yes and no. The equipment to make true, pasteurized apple juice is bulky and expensive. You will be able to make apple cider much more easily. All you need are some apples, a pot, a fine mesh strainer and some time. Mugs, cinnamon sticks, and maybe a little extra sugar doesn’t hurt either.

Be sure you are coring and seeded your apples before you macerate them. The seeds contain amygdalin which is a combination of cyanide and sugar. And while it would take a big old dose of these for you to be in any sort of trouble, why risk it?

How many apples does it take?

 To make 8 servings, you will need roughly 18 apples depending on their size.

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