Kitchen Knife Guide

Kitchen Knife Guide includes how to pick the correct knife for the job, take proper care to ensure longevity and practice knife safety. #kitchenknifeguide


Kitchen Knife Guide includes how to pick the correct knife for the job, take proper care to ensure longevity and practice knife safety.

Any great chef will tell you that their knives are an extension of their arm and even travel with their own set.

Home chefs should also own a good set of knives, but past that know which knife to use for each job. A mechanic wouldn’t try to fix a car with a paint brush, would he?

Here is a quick guide to your knife block that will help you pick the best tool for the job! (Scroll ALL the way to the bottom!)

Sliced cucumbers displaying how to pick your knife

Why are good knives so important?

1. It makes expert cutting easy, ensuring clean cuts when butchering meats or chopping vegetables.

2. Gives you the ability to hammer through tendons and bones.

3. A good grip and sharp blades will prevent injuries.

4. Choosing the correct knife will give you prettier food without mangled edges.

Knife Maintenance:

1. Never scrape your food off the cutting board with the blade of your knife, it dulls the blade. Turn it over and use the blunt side.

2. Sharpen your knives regularly.

3. Always hand-wash knives, the heat and dishwasher soap will ruin the metal.

4. Store in a safe, non-humid place.

If you want to read more about basic knife skills, how to clean your knives and the most common ways to sharpen your knives, hop on over to my BASIC KNIFE SKILLS post!

Image showing different kitchen knives and their best uses
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  1. I totally need this! I have a bunch of knives that I just kind of pretend I know how to use. Thanks so much!

  2. This is awesome! I sort of know what I’m doing when it comes to my knives, but this has really helped me figure them out a little more. Thanks!

  3. We just bought all new knives and I am so in love. I can’t believe we used the crappy ones for so long.

  4. This is so true! I never realized the difference when I was a poor college student, but as soon as I got a new set of knives, I couldn’t believe the difference. This is a really beautiful set too. Makes cooking so much more fun!

  5. This is an excellent reference and great reminder that I’m terribly lazy about knives! I know I should be better about replacing them and maintenance but I’m somehow always behind on it!

  6. This is excellent, Jessica! I thought I knew it all when it came to knives…but I really learned a lot from this post! Thank you bunches for sharing!