A versatile condiment for sandwiches and salads, these are the 64+ BEST recipes that use mayonnaise, plus an EASY Homemade Mayonnaise recipe!

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What is mayonnaise?

Oh, where to begin! Mayo is easily one of my favorite condiments (is it weird to have a favorite condiment?) Mainly for the fact that you can use it for SO many things!

In its most basic form, mayonnaise is made with eggs, oil and salt. Most commercial mayonnaise is made with vegetable oil or soybean oil. You might see some made with olive oil as well.

What do you use mayonnaise for?

Probably the most common use for it is to spread it on a sandwich. But the options are really endless! You can use it to make salad dressings, add it to a cold salad like tuna salad or chicken salad, or even use it to make the most moist and delicious chocolate mayonnaise cake!

You can use mayonnaise to make so many other condiments, too:

Our favorite homemade mayo recipes:

Here are some of our favorite recipes that use mayo:

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