Check out the BEST peach recipes (both sweet and savory,) way beyond peach pie! From cobblers to pizza, this list has it all!

What is a peach?

In the most basic of terms, it is a soft and fleshy fruit grown on a peach tree. Simple, right?

The fruit we all know and love: peaches! If you’ve ever been to Georgia, you’ve had the best of the best!

When most people think of them, they think of a good old southern peach pie, or maybe even a cobbler. I love those things too, but I’m here to show you they can be so much more than pie!

You can also learn how to peel a peach in just a minute! Super easy without cooking the peach. Perfect for sauces, salads, pies, cobblers and salsas!

Sweet peach recipes:

Savory recipes that use peaches:

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