What are M&Ms?

Caramel Cookie Bars are an easy dessert bar recipe using only 5 ingredients and 30 minutes! Soft, easy bar cookies with chocolate and caramel. #dessertbars #magiccookiebars www.savoryexpriments.com

M&Ms are simply candy coated chocolate pieces. The original candy is simply that: candy coated chocolate pieces. However since their conception, there have been many other varieties produced. Some of these varieties include:

  • peanut
  • almond
  • pretzel
  • crispy
  • dark chocolate
  • caramel

If you are an M&Ms lover, these are the BEST must make M&Ms recipes! From cookie dough to cookie bars and everything in between, these recipes are the best!

These are some of our favorite recipes that use M&Ms:

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