Ice Cream

Whether you’re looking for a homemade ice cream recipe or a recipe that uses ice cream as an ingredient, these are the BEST recipes out there!

What is ice cream?

Ice cream is simply a frozen dessert that is usually sweetened and made from a dairy product like milk or cream. When brought above the freezing temperature, ice cream becomes more of a liquid, but when kept below freezing it is mostly solid.

Ice cream is also referred to as other names, depending where you are at. These names include:

  • gelato
  • frozen yogurt
  • custard
  • sorbet
  • sherbet

There are also many other forms of “ice cream” that use dairy alternatives (or milk substitutes.) These include:

  • cashew milk
  • almond milk
  • coconut milk

Homemade ice cream recipes:

Recipes that use ice cream:

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