Poppy Seeds

If you’ve ever had those delicious lemon muffins with the black dots, you’ve had poppy seeds! Check out other great recipes that use poppy seeds!

What are poppy seeds?

Poppy seeds are tiny, black seeds that are used as a decoration and spice for many baked goods and pastries. They’re also used in some marinades and dressings like pictured above.

You can also consume them as a paste. The paste can be used as a filling is pastries. It’s often  mixed with either milk and sugar or butter.

Add last but not least, they can be used to make an oil. This oil is used in many culinary dishes.

Lastly, people freak out about poppy seeds and possibly failing a drug test. Let me ask you, how many drug tests are you really taking?

As the former director of a substance abuse program (yes, I was a psychotherapist prior to blogging), I can assure you it takes A LOT of poppy seeds eaten on a regular basis to test positive for opiates.

However, if you’re really worried about it and know you have a test coming up, maybe you should refrain from indulging in them until after your test- just to be safe.

Recipes that use poppy seeds:

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