A flavorful and aromatic plant, mint leaves are used in many recipes! These are the 6 BEST recipes that use mint, from savory to sweet!

Close up of fruit salad

What is mint?

Some people might not know this, but mint is actually a leaf! My grandmother had loads of mint growing in her backyard when I was a kid. And to this day, it still reminds me of summer. It is super versatile and can easily be used in sweet and savory dishes.

You will most likely see peppermint or spearmint at your grocery store. Peppermint has a more pronounced mint flavor than sweeter spearmint. Both are delicious tossed with fresh fruits, in your favorite salad, or made into pestos to accompany grilled meats.

To help mint releases its oils, gently tap the leaves or bunch of mint on the back of your hand to “wake” the leaves up before you use them.

Our favorite recipes that use mint:

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