Arugula is a green of many names. Whether you call it rocket, roquette, salad rocket, or even colewort, it is a wonderful green that is super versatile.

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This leafy green is known for its flavor. Some call it spicy or peppery.  The type of arugula you purchase will determine just how peppery it is. For example, wild arugula and fully grown arugula will have a more strong flavor. Baby arugula is milder and more even keeled.

While it isn’t going to give you the crunch that iceberg or romaine will give you, but its tender bite and flavor make it delicious before it is added to a dish or even dressed.

Arugula originated in the Mediterranean and belongs to the Brassica or Cruciferous family. Other vegetables in this family include brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, and broccoli.

And while some more boldly flavored lettuces can be a bit more expensive (I see you endive and radicchio), price-wise, it is comparable to the conventional­ spring mix or baby spinach at the store.

To prepare it, all it needs is a quick wash and it is ready to go. The thin stems and soft leaves hold up well after being dressed. it is also excellent on top of a burger for or a white pizza. Whatever you add it to will give you dish a little panache.

Here are some great recipes featuring arugula:

Is arugula a lettuce?

Technically, no. It is considered a “green.” It can be used the same way you would a spring mix or romaine in terms of salads, sandwiches, and more.

What are the health benefits of arugula?

It is low in sugar, calories, carbohydrates, and fat. And if that wasn’t good enough for you, it is nutrient-rich. Packed with things like calcium, folate, potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin A, it is a winner all around.

What does arugula taste like?

This green is definitely far from subtle and it offers a distinctive taste. Think pepper, mustard, and a hint of nuttiness. If you leave it too long in the fridge, it will develop a bitter flavor. When this happens, use it quickly as it is on its way out the door.

Do you eat arugula stems?

Absolutely! No need to rid these leaves of their stems whether it is baby arugula or fully grown and mature. Less work!

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