Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a fall favorite snack! Great for snacking on as is, or even adding to a delicious fall dessert. These are the best pumpkin seed recipes!

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What are pumpkin seeds?

They actually offer many health benefits:

  • High in fiber
  • Contain magnesium and zinc
  • Linked to improving prostate health, diabetes and inflammation
  • A low calorie food
  • A low fat food

They don’t need to be refrigerated, so you can carry them around with you as a snack. They are also excellent for incorporating into recipes like topping a salad or pasta dish.

You might also be wondering what the difference is between these big pumpkin seeds and the green pumpkin seeds commonly known as pepitas.

Well, they both come from a pumpkin, but different types of pumpkins. Oilseed or Styrian pumpkins grow seeds without a hull (the large white exterior) and instead the shells turn green.

How to bake pumpkin seeds

It is really quite easy, just take some butter and seasoning and roast. I like to leave a little of the pulp on there to add flavor, but hubby prefers them to be rinsed.

Your choice! Even if you aren’t carving pumpkins or making pumpkin puree to get your own seeds, you can easily buy pumpkin seeds at the store. You can even toss them in pumpkin pie spice!

Recipes that use pumpkin seeds:

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