A mildly sweet fruit similar to an apple, a pear is used in many recipes both sweet and savory! These are the BEST pear recipes ever!

Pear Salad with Candied Walnuts is the perfect winter salad for dinner parties and holidays. Honey Balsamic Dressing and tart goat cheese make the best salad recipe!

What is a pear?

It is a sweet edible fruit with a yellow or brownish-green color. It is usually more narrow at the top and wider at the bottom, with a sweet and slightly gritty flesh.

There are about 3000 species of pear trees. They are valued for their edible fruit and juices. The fruit can be eaten fresh, canned, as juice or even dried.

You can also use the fermented juice to create a cider, just like you would with an apple. This is sometimes called perry or just pear cider.

Pears will ripen at room temperature, however you can slow their ripening by putting them in the refrigerator. You can check their ripeness by applying gentle pressure to the “neck.”

Recipes that use pears:

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