Whether you like them Rockefeller style or raw on the half shell, oysters are a delicacy that many people enjoy! These are the best recipes that use oysters.

What are oysters?

Similar to clams or mussels, oysters are found in a hard outer shell and are usually considered a delicacy. There are over 200 different species of oysters, but only a few of them are used for food.

The shape, color and taste of an oyster and the meat inside of it are influenced by the waters they’re found in and the way they are cultivated. Because oysters feed themselves by filtering the surrounding waters, the taste will vary based on the conditions of the waters where they live and the season.

There are several ways you can eat an oyster. One of which is just raw, as they come, on the half shell. Many people like to eat raw oysters with cocktail sauce, melted butter and saltine crackers.

Oysters Rockefeller are usually topped with butter, parsley, herbs and bread crumbs. Then they are baked or broiled and served with lemon wedges. This is the route to go if you prefer them to be cooked.

Recipes that use oysters:

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