Whether you put them on burgers or eat them out of the jar, pickles are one of the most loved toppings! Come discover a recipe for HOMEMADE pickles, plus other recipes that use them as ingredients.

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What are pickles?

Pickles are actually just cucumbers that are (for lack of a better term) “pickled” in a mixture of vinegar and salt, and then left to ferment.

There are many types of pickles and they are all used for different things. Here are some of them:

  • bread and butter – these are made in a solution of vinegar, sugar and salt.
  • dill – dill pickles are left in the brine for a shorter amount of time, this way they stay crisp and green.
  • kosher – these aren’t necessarily “kosher” by definition, but rather made in the traditional manner of Jewish pickle makers.
  • hungarian – these are made without vinegar. They use a salt and water mixture instead.
  • lime – these pickles are fermented in a pickling lime juice (not the citrus lime.)

Check out my recipe for homemade pickles, and then use them in the recipes listed below!

Recipes that use pickles:

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