Giving Thanks Where Deserved

All too often Thanksgiving revolves more around what graces the table rather than giving thanks. This year I want to share with you my Thanksgiving heros and hopefully you will also nominate one of your own.

Give thanks where thanks is due

Many Savory Experiments readers would be interested to know that I do not blog full time. Nope, I’m a psychotherapist that runs an outpatient behavioral health program. My heros are my coworkers, it takes a lot for a hospital to run, for your loved ones to continue getting quality care over holidays or during extreme weather events.

Most people thank the doctors and nurses, and I am quite grateful for them as well, but the people that really make that place run don’t actually practice medicine. They are the folks washing the linens, cooking food, delivering food, stopping by to read, valeting your car, mopping the floors and answering IT calls. The folks who support the medical professionals, the ones on which they rely.

All too often these folks don’t get the thanks they deserve on holidays or any other day of the year. A hospital has a lot of moving parts, parts that don’t do a lick when not working together. They are essential. So THANK YOU to all of the employees at all hospitals, nursing homes and any other 24-hour health facility. I hope you realize you are valued and that even though they may forget, your patients families are thankful for your dedication.

Do you have a Thanksgiving Hero?

This holiday season, La Brea Bakery, the nation’s top Artisan bread brand, is giving people the chance to say “Thank You” to their loved ones who have to work on Thanksgiving with a surprise gift – a Thanksgiving meal brought directly to their place of work. Through the Thanksgiving Heroes page, the company will be accepting nominations for the Thanksgiving Hero in people’s lives. On Thanksgiving Day, ten winners, selected from across the country, will be surprised and delighted with a Thanksgiving feast, courtesy of their family, friends and all of America who nominated.

To nominate your own Thanksgiving Hero, just visit the contest page between November 1st and 20th.  Describe why your nominee deserves to win (in 100 words or less) and include a photo of your hero.  If your hero is selected, you win a $500 gift card.

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