7 Beach Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

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    Taking a trip to the beach soon? You may think you have everything you needed, but these are 7 beach essentials you didn’t know you needed!

    Taking a trip to the beach soon? You may think you have everything you needed, but these are 7 beach essentials you didn't know you needed! I bet you've never heard the tip in #4! www.savoryexperiments.com

    Of course we all know the basics. An over sized beach towel, sunscreen, a colorful beach tote and the top read of the summer. But what about the things you don’t even realize you need? I’m adding just a few small items to your beach must-haves that will not result you becoming a pack-lady needing an extra buggy just set up shop for the day.

    7 Beach Essentials You Didn't Know You Needed- I bet you've never heard the tip in #4! www.savoryexperiments.com

    1. Spray Bottle– No need to buy expensive and wasteful aerosol cans of water. You are going to sweat that purified special stuff off in seconds. Instead, buy a cheap plastic spray bottle and fill it with tap water. It is just a refreshing and won’t break the bank. It also works well to rinse off sandy hands.
    2. Bed sheet– Yes, we know you have an oversized towel, but that still doesn’t prevent sand from getting on it. Instead, bring a large, light bed sheet, secure down the edges with small rocks and then put your bright beach towel on top.
    3. Waterproof bag– Even though you don’t plan to take your smartphone into the water, do yourself a favor and protect it. You never know what will happen.
    4. Baby powder– Just a $1 travel size bottle will do the trick. Sprinkle a little on any area with sticky beach sand and the sand will wipe right off. You’re welcome.
    5. Hand fan– This one might seem excessive, but you will be the envy of anyone passing by. Pair this with your spray bottle and you have pure heaven.
    6. Insulated water bottle – Please stay hydrated out there. So many folks ruin their beach vacations due to dehydration, which can take the form of exhaustion, headaches or worse. Take several bottles of water just to be on the safe side. If you have to drink your water cold, these bad boys are worth the money.
    7. Snacks! Don’t be tempted by the fried Oreo’s or the hot slice of pizza. Instead arm yourself with quick and easy snacks. Popcorn is always a good (and light) option, Corn Flake Cereal Bars will keep you satisfied and taste great. Fresh fruit, pretzels and tortilla chips with traditional or strawberry salsa are also good options. All you need is a soft sided refrigerator bag and you are good to go!

    Looking for a wonderful beach to visit? Check out photos from my trip to St. Lucia and see my favorite frozen cocktail, a strawberry BBC!


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